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Lincoln Cannon

Lincoln Cannon is a technologist and philosopher, and a veteran of high tech industries in leadership, consulting, and entrepreneurial roles.

Lincoln has decades of professional experience in the business of technology. He has worked for large enterprises, including, Merit Medical, Novell, Symantec, and WordPerfect; at startups, including The World Table; and with investment firms, including the OS Fund. He is presently CEO at Thrivous.

Lincoln received formal education in business and the humanities. He holds an MBA and graduated top tier from the Marriott School of Management. He holds a degree in philosophy and graduated with honors from Brigham Young University. He is also an alumnus of the Exponential Medicine executive program at Singularity University.

Lincoln is a lifelong computer programmer. He learned to code as a child before the Internet. He eventually taught himself web development, including Java and the .NET framework. And as the Internet and computers have continued to evolve, his projects have expanded to mobile web, cloud platforms, social media, and blockchain.

For over a decade, Lincoln has written and presented on topics at the intersection of technology and philosophy. He believes technology always presents both risks and opportunities. And he envisions the ethical use of technology empowering humanity to attain unprecedented global degrees of vitality, intelligence, cooperation, and creativity.

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